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Ubuntu-Phone – Synchronisation de compte OwnCloud – Contacts & Calendrier

Il n’est toujours pas possible de synchroniser simplement ses contacts et calendriers sur Ubuntu-phone (ubuntu-touch), mais le support caldav et carddav est bien présent !

En suivant ce tutoriel vous pourrez synchroniser votre compte owncloud.

In ubuntu-touch, you can’t add an carddav or caldav sync service, and so it’snt possible to add your owncloud account as a sync service.

For the time being, we have a fix, but with no graphical interface :

I can share this script based on alexandre_payet answers, which will add 1 Contact address-book, and 1 calendar, from your owncloud server, to sync with your phone.


Download | Github Gist

Tested on the ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en/vegetahd channel

How to use

Edit the configuration section, and execute on your ubuntu-phone.

From an Ubuntu desktop

(with : phablet-tools installed from ppa)

  1. Add phablet-shell
  2. Activate Developer mode
  3. Download and edit the script :

    • In the [Configuration] / [OwnCloud] Section
      • Enter your OWNCLOUD_URL, whithout the last /.
      • Enter your USERNAME & PASSWORD.
      • Enter the name of your owncloud address-book & calendar.
    • In the [Configuration] / [Phone] Section
      • Edit CONTACT_DB_NAME & CALENDAR_DB_NAME with names of your choosing.
      • Edit CRON_FREQUENCY to the sync interval you need.
    • Save
  4. Connect your phone via USB and copy the script (via nautilus, for example in Documents/)
  5. Connect via phablet-shell and run the script :

I’m hoping this can help some of you…